Fruit blossoms and harvests

This holiday region is steeped in tradition and boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Germany. It is the largest continuous fruit-growing region in Northern Europe, with more than 20 million fruit trees. It was the Dutch who originally reclaimed the Elbe Marshes. The Altes Land has been associated with cherries and apples in particular ever since. The Obstroute, or Fruit Trail, allows cyclists to set out from the Hanseatic towns and follow a path through the heart of the fruit-growing region. After a fragrant blossoming paradise during late April and early May, the region produces the sweetest and juiciest apples, cherries, pears and plums come harvest time. They can be bought in any of the local farm shops. The dishes that the cafés and restaurants create with this crisp local produce will satisfy every culinary desire. Why does the fruit here ripen so well? It’s all down to the mild maritime climate created by the North Sea.


varities of fruits characterise the region: apples and cherries

20 million

fruit trees - unique in Northern Europe

10000 hectar

acerage for fruit trees such as apples an cherries

90 percent

of the fruit trees are apples

Fruity activities and event highlights

Fine cuisine in a region of culinary delights

When it comes to culinary pleasure, in the Apfelland region the focus is particularly on apples and other fruits. Yet savoury delicacies ranging from asparagus to potatoes to fish from the North Sea can be found here too. The holiday region offers culinary delights and delicious regional specialities in its farm shops, cafés and restaurants throughout the year - authentic fruit farmers and Elbe fishermen are outstanding ambassadors for Lower Saxony’s cuisine, forgotten delights and delicious apple juice, applesecco and fruit brandy also await visitors’ delectation. Regional produce such as fruit, vegetables meat and fish and the dishes created with them are an integral part of our culture. Traditional and modern German cuisine that make use of regional produce both bring the people of the region together and invite guests to partake of this culinary experience.

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